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aesend™ is a powerful content marketing tool for creating, managing, and deploying dynamic media content across your social media and digital signage networks.


These are the tools that make the magic happen:


aesend Create™

Creating new video-based media is quick and easy with aesend Create™.

Tailor messages to suit your audience, while keeping your creative branding consistent and on point!

Using a combination of general-purpose and custom-branded templates, aesend Create™ allows users to generate new, high-quality video content through the input of text, images, videos, colors, audio and even timing.

aesend templates amplify your marketing budget by allowing the content to be adjusted again and again, driving content experiences with prospects, customers, and employees.

aesend Library™

aesend Library™ is a robust digital asset management platform, allowing your entire team to organize, review, collaborate and share all your media content and marketing assets – a single source to consistently manage the brand experience, making marketing easier for everyone.

Our incredible tag-based architecture makes finding just the right assets and items simple.

Upload from your mobile device or PC or pull files in from a variety of cloud-based platforms.

aesend is continually adding integrations with more online content creation and file management tools, making aesend a robust solution that can scale and tailor to your organization’s workflow.


Getting your content in front of the right audience couldn’t be easier.

aesend™ generates files suitable for everything from social media and web distribution to high quality television broadcast spots and even 4K, 6K and beyond. With aesend’s advanced automatic transcoding capabilities, you are positioned to send perfect content to your channel of choice – reaching your audience with the right message at the right time.

Share your content with streaming and broadcast outlets, push to social streams or your trade show displays, or send it directly to on-site retail monitors and touch screens with our powerful and reliable custom digital signage players.


aesend™ Signage

aesend Signage™ player software can support all varieties of screen arrays, resolutions, aspect ratios and interactive formats. Control playback, maintenance functions and monitor the health of your network of signage displays from wherever you are.

Schedule playback for a single display, a select group of screens or your entire digital signage network with a few simple clicks.


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